If we took a poll and asked a simple question: “Given the choice, would you rather thrive, or fail?” What would the majority say? Based on the money generated from self-help books, weight loss companies, fitness coaches, and nutritionists, I think it’s safe to assume that generally, we aim to live healthy lives. In the same sense, the amount of time we spend in worship to the Lord, reading His Word, and praying to Him reflects our desire to be holy. The manifestations of physical and spiritual vitality are clear and tangible. We call this “bearing fruit.”

I personally experienced a turning point in my own health about nine years ago. Despite being in my twenties, I felt lethargic and unhealthy. I turned to a friend, Annessa Chumbley for help. She is a registered dietician and had helped countless people before me. She asked me to record my daily food intake for a week. I vividly recall being embarrassed when it was time to turn the food journal over to her. She assured me that everyone starts somewhere, and there is no shame in being courageous enough to make a change. My diet then consisted of: several sodas a day, chips, fried foods, and of course… ice cream. When she asked me what vegetables I liked to eat, I remember giving her a confused look, and answering, “Um… lettuce, corn, and potatoes?” She smiled, and with no judgement, handed me a nutritional plan that started me on a new path toward better health. I learned to appreciate the beauty, taste, and nutrients God lovingly added to the foods He created. I continued the journey from there and found that I feel best on a plant based diet. I learned that what I put into my body really does make a difference. Junk made me feel like junk, and the food God created made me feel vibrant again.