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  • Habakuk's Simple Trust by Pat Gates
  • Living a Simple Life is All About Common Sense by Pat Gates
  • Things certainly have changed over the years.... (adapted by Joanne Gutler)
  • Simple Preparation, Less Complication by Pat Gates
  • When We Let Him Have Control (poem)
  • I Am Your Constant Companion
  • Fishin' for Fish
  • Quieting the Mind - Avoiding Shut-Down by Pat Gates
  • True Peace
  • Perfect Peace (poem)

  • My Bible and I (poem)
  • No such thing as a simple cell
  • Cells—“Design Modules” by the Trillions by Nathaniel Nelson
  • Helpful, Practical Tips for the Disabled

  • What's Hidden Inside by Pat Gates
  • Fruits Born in Weakness by Pat Gates
  • Hope in the Dead of Winter
  • Getting What You Need Out of Life by Ed Sterchi
  • Using Creation to Teach Children by Pat Gates
  • Prayer in a Garden (poem) by Eva Sparks Taylor
  • Don't Immediately Give Up On Others!

  • Hot Pepper Warning by Pat Gates
  • From Out of the Soil (poem)

  • Why I Want to Live a Frugal Life by Pat Gates
  • Use Ice Trays for Freezing
  • How much are we really saving?
  • When Bargain Stores Aren't a Bargain by Pat Gates
  • Bringing back the clothesline: Laundry Ideas to Save Money
  • A Bird on the Clothesline

“It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this one.” 
C.S. Lewis