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  • God's Providential Care and Peanuts by J. Beckley
  • Doing the Lord's Work in Zimbabwe by L. Maydell
  • Uncle Basil Cass A Soldier of Christ, Gone Home by C. Buchanan
  • A Child of the Harvest Field by E. Baize
  • Returning Home - Reverse Culture Shock by J. Beckley
  • Preparation: "Go" Said the Savior by B. Tope
  • Joy and Sorrow in the Land of Hope by B. Tope
  • Daily Reality in the Land of Hope B. Tope


  • Teaching with Delight in the Land of Hope by Betty Tope
  • The Multi-Cultural Cuisine Of South Africa by Betty Tope
  • About the violence in Zimbabwe - Christians need prayers
  • Medical and Health Care Differences by Betty Tope
  • Moving To Krugersdorp, South Africa by Betty Tope
  • Rest & Recreation in South Africa by Betty Tope


  • African Critters in the Neighborhood
  • The Monkeys
  • Challenges Of Moving To The Other Side Of The World
  • My Valley by Betty Tope
  • Tibute to Robert Smith
  • "Naomi"
  • An experience with elephants


  • Pioneer Preacher's Wives (Part 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • A Brief Tribute to Glenn Rogers
  • Remembering Glenn Rogers
  • Mozambique report from Carole Chaffin