What I wish others knew about growing older and what the younger wish the older would understand...

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  • I am an 86 year old and I am in bad health I only have one granddaughter.  I know she loves me, but when they take two trips or so a year and never think to call or to come see me, I can't help but think my time is so short, do they really care. By the way I am also a care giver for my husband.  Is this to much to ask?
  • What I wish everyone knew about growing older is that you finally gain the patience and wisdom you wished for when you were young, working hard, raising a family . . . and you REALLY could have used it!  So what do you do with that patience and wisdom now?  Share it (don't preach or push it) with the young, and hope they listen.
  • Getting old is a time for new adventures in a life filled with adventures -- but sometimes the memory of what was gets in our way of recognizing the adventure. So we moan. Hug us with understanding and encourage us to get back to finding the adventure.
  • As one grows older, one grows closer to meeting one's MAKER.
  • My advice to younger women: Cherish the moment!
  • I  wish younger women understood that I was once beautiful, strong and healthy.  Someday their youth will be gone and they will be wishing someone else understood that we are all important, regardless of our looks, strength or health.  We all Need to give to others and we all need to receive graciously from others.
  • Please be patient with my slowness. I realize I'm holding you up. I, too, wish I could move faster. I miss those days and it makes me feel bad if I know I'm irritating you.
  • I'm lonely and would love for you to come visit me.
  • Please play a game with me.  I have no one to have fun with since you have (are) grown up.  I enjoy the board games, card games, Bible games, and checkers and dominoes.  My mind needs stimulation, just as yours did when you were growing up.  I made sure you had some fun along with your learning.  Learning was there to help you grow into maturity.  I need fun and learning to help keep into this mature age.  Please.
  • I wish younger women knew there is always a chance (due to illness or other catastrophic events) your youth can pass you by! "Remember thy Creator in the days of your youth...". Make the most of each & every day to glorify God and enjoy His wonderful blessings!
  • When I see the outer shell of the young lady and Mother, I had been, and still feel young inside..I always say don't treat me like a child.

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  • I wish older women understood that I am aging too, that my children are busy with their own lives, that my husband looks elsewhere for his pleasure, that I am very lonely and would love to have the friendship/companionship of other women of any age.
  • At 37 I'm very forgetful, due to my chronic illness. When I'm around an older woman and mention how forgetful I am, I almost always hear, "You are too young to have memory problems. Wait 'til you're old like me, you'll find out what memory problems are!" I really do have memory problems and it would be nice if older women would believe me and give me empathy and understanding. (see next remark for response)
  • For the lady that is very forgetful due to chronic illness. During my 78 years I have experience so many comments like that.  Unless you have been through what ever illness a person has, the remark "I know what your going through" is really a very thoughtless remark. Isn't it best to say I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do for you.  Or something similiar.
  •  I'm tired of hearing older women say that unless I've been in "their shoes", I would never know. How so? Why does my experience have to be the same as yours. Everybody experiences things differently! Do you think experiences only happen to older people?


November 2017