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Military Families: (1) Families Reunited After Military Deployment - part 1 (2) Families Reunited After Military Deployment - Part 2 (3) Ways We can Help (Military Families)  (4) We Who Stay At Home (poem)



  • Suggestions for Safeguarding Your Marriage
  • Couple of Thoughts for Bed Bound Mom
  • Abuse and Suffering Wives (Part 1) by Joanne Beckely
  • Abuse and Suffering Wives (Part 2) by Joanne Beckley
  • Warning Signs if a Person is Likely to Be Possessive, Controlling, Violent by Vijai P. Sharma, PhD
  • Weeds That Choke a Marriage by Cindy Granke
  • Children: Weeds or Flowers? by Cindy Granke
  • Children Learn What They Live (poem) by Dorothy Law Nolie
  • Ten Commandments For A Successful Marriage
  • A Reuben Marriage by Steve Fontenot


  • A Mother's Garden
  • A Homemaker's Take on 1 Cor. 13
  • The Strength of a Man
  • A Mother's Love (poem) by Helen Steiner Rice
  • What About Getting a Divorce Because of Abuse? by Cindy Granke
  • Nabal & Abigail - A Biblical Case Study by Cindy Granke
  • Stay At Home Moms by Cindy Granke
  • Question about working & response from readers
  • Keepers At Home by Steve Fontenot
  • Humorous Look at Parenting
  • My Very Best Tea Party
  • Our Children Learn Best by Watching Us
  • When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
  • What Mothers in Law would like to say, but don't
  • Poem to Mother in Law


  • Challenges as a Marriage Ends (part 1) by Dana Nolan
  • Challenges as a Marriage Ends (part 2) Putting First Things First In Spiritual Things by Dana Nolan
  • Challenges as a Marriage Ends (part 3) Dealing with the Ex  by Dana Nolan
  • Challenges as a Marriage Ends (part 4) Issues We May Encounter Concerning Our Children by Dana Nolan
  • The Necessity of Fidelity in Marriage by Don Alexander
  • What Can We Say to Older Children Who Leave the Faith? by Cindy Granke 
  • A Parent Cannot Make An Adult Child's Choices
  • Family Feelings By Dee Bowman
  • Mother's Day Thoughts by Cindy Granke


  • Mending the Broken Tie That Binds by Margaret Head
  • A Reuben Marriage by Steve Fontenot
  • Somewhere There's a Woman by Mary Jo Coull (poem)
  • Contemplating the Marriage Relationship, I Do...or Do I? by Margaret Head
  • A Woman's Question by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poem)
  • Our Attitudes Can Make Us Sick by Cindy Granke


  • A Prayer for Our Husbands
  • Don't Argue - Discuss! by Dr. John C. Maxwell
  • Moral Challenges by Cindy Granke
  • A Parent's Prayer (poem)
  • What Will They Remember by Cindy Granke
  • What I Taught My Child Today by Unknown
  • How Husbands May Rule

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