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In Loving Memory Archives


  • Obituary for Ruth Ella Piety Hazelwood 
  • In Memory of Daniel Charles Gates
  • His Pattern by Daniel Gates
  • Daniel by Pat Gates
  • What is CHD (congenital heart disease)  (poem)
  • My Brother Daniel Charles Gates, Waiting On God's Own Heart by Nathan Gates
  • Danny Gates, A Man Who Was As Real As It Gets by Jimmy Petrousse
  • Alex Eli Jennings Jr by Keith Sharp
  • Letter from Eli's Grandma, Bessie Thomas
  • The Gospel of Daniel by Kent Heaton (in memory of Daniel Gates)
  • They Said He Needed a Heart (poem) by Jim Walsh in memory of Daniel Gates 
  • (2013) Marty Pickup by Kent Heaton

  •  A Tribute To Janelle Davis Hastings (A Wonderful Preacher's Wife) by Don Hastings
  • My Mother, Sarah Edwards by Dana Nolan
  • My Mother, My Friend (poem) by Dana Nolan


November 2017