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Focus on Jesus


  • Our Brother, Jesus by Pat Gates
  • Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone by Pat Gates 
  • Strength for the Day by James Smith
  • What Judas Didn't Understand About Jesus by Pat Gates
  • He Washed His Betrayer's Feet by Kent Heaton
  • The Beauty of Jesus by Charlie Davis


  • Jesus Knows by Gary Henry
  • Do Not Associate With Satan 
  • The Promise of Home by Kirby Lewis
  • Be Loyal to the King by Steve Higginbotham



  • There isn't anything we can give God..... thoughts from David Maxson 
  • Morning (poem)
  • Stewardship - thoughts from Pulpit Commentary
  • 10 Ways to Find Time to Read the Bible
  • Chosen Vessel (poem)
  • Suffering for Forgiven Sins by Mel Martin
  • Do & Say (poem)
  • Welcome to our congregation


  • Button, Button Whose Got the Button? by Lonnie Cruse
  • One Candle (poem)

Strangers & Pilgrims


  • Misc. Quotes
  • To Be a Pilgrim by John Bunyan 
  • It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint! by Steve Higginbotham

Being Barnabas


  • Encourage Others (poem)
  • Being Barnabas by Pat Gates
  • Meaning of "Son of Encouragement 
  • What Are the Needs of the Newcomer by Joe Williams
  • What Was the Name of the Good Samaritan?
  • Kintsugi by Pat Gates
  • The Rewards of Kindness (poem) by Helen Steiner Rice


  • 10 Commandments of Friendship
  • I will overcome apathy and become more aware of visitors by Pat Gates
  • I will overcome fear and meet our visitors by Pat Gates
  • I will not allow my bias to keep me from meeting visitors by Pat Gates
  • Be a Friendly Person and Greet Visitors by Pat Gates

  • Soaring Like Eagles by John McCort 
  • The Glorious Appearing by Margaret Cagle
  • Living in the Spirit During Trials
  • As A Man Thinketh in His Heart by Angelia Pressley

November 2017